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Summer Program Meet the Munchkins Family Enrolling your child
  Day care that really cares    
  Students from Munchkins Montessori and other schools are welcomed into this program. With activities ranging from crafts and games to talent shows and free outdoor play, the day care program is a bridge between school and home where students can relax, learn and have fun all within a nurturing Montessori environment.

The entire space is specifically designed to be pleasing and motivating for your child.

Sleeping areas are provided with comfortable mats, bed sheets, blankets, pillows and cuddly soft toys for a secure sleeping experience. We have separate sleeping areas for infants and toddlers.

All meals are planned by Dr. Uma Y. (Health Counselor and an Alumni of National Gourmet Institute in NYC), an expert in child nutrition.
We not only provide nutritious vegetarian food, we also teach your child all about good table manners.

We provide a safe environment, with cushioning in play areas and safety mats on all floors.

We provide a hygienic environment, with all toys and equipment sanitized daily.

Toilet training is undertaken with care and sensitivity to your child's developmental stage. Habits of cleanliness are taught through the use of suitable toys, rituals, songs and poems.

We teach and practice energy saving and eco-sensitive values.

To further ensure your child's well-being, the staff is trained in first aid.

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