Munchkins is a Montessori and Day Care centre, located in the quiet residential area of Jayanagar in Bangalore. We are devoted to nurturing your child's emotional, physical and cognitive needs. The environment is loving and supportive - just like home.

Core Values and Mission

The educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori is based on the premise that when provided a safe environment; children will strive to discover the world and experience its natural consequences.

Dr. Montessori recognized that the development of a complete human being begins with very young children, continuing into early adulthood. Children realize their potential as they explore, think and act responsibly and intelligently, and communicate effectively.

Munchkins Montessori and Day care Centre makes every attempt to facilitate this human development by creating an environment that meets the children's developmental needs, by creating a staff of loving and well-prepared adults and by building a community of families that actively support our mission.

Our mission is to prepare children for life. We celebrate each child's individuality and help them discover how they can best contribute to our world and culture.

Montessori Daycare

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